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Minneapolis, MN

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Workplace Design

AWH Architects collaborated with Lazor Office to develop an open, dynamic workspace for Mono, a cross-disciplinary branding agency in Minneapolis. The built design brings form to the innovated spirit of Mono and creates new opportunities for collaboration and focus. To achieve this, we envisioned the workplace as a social place, a home, and a miniature city. Transparency drove the design and organization of MONO II. This ad agency sought to avoid hierarchical workplace systems, we created a series of spaces with varying levels of privacy, connected visually throughout the floor. One can turn 360 degrees and see everything going on in the office. We created layered gathering spaces to connect all parts of the office to the social nexus. A 52-foot long table is the central gathering place in the largest of the Mono ‘parks’. Food is cooked and shared daily, a ritual that binds individuals together.

The openness, transparency, and simplicity central to this cross-disciplinary branding agency characterize the design of its space. A series of partial and full enclosures share walls to create a flexible working, meeting and hang out areas within a unified open plan. Wood, glass, and metal building elements are stacked on the floor, hung from the ceiling, and slotted together to shape a spectrum of public to private places in a direct and sustainable manner.