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Patterson Place

Bismarck, North Dakota


LIHTC / Historic Consulting / Adaptive Reuse & Historic Preservation

Patterson Place has a deep history within Bismarck, ND. Originally the tallest building in the city, it was designed and built as a 7 story hotel in 1910. An engineering feat, the building was all steel reinforced concrete, even the partitions between rooms, to create a ‘fireproof’ hotel. Through continual additions and renovations, the building was home to unique social spaces such as the ‘Sky Room’ and the ‘Tip Top Lounge’, as well as commercial entities at ground level. Today, the building serves an affordable housing community, a historic restaurant, and a women’s clothing shop. This project synthesizes historic preservation, sustainability measures, and low-income housing into a vibrant space for both residents of Patterson Place and citizens of Bismarck.