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Hillman Mechanical and the Porter Electric Warehouse

Minneapolis, MN

Developers: Paster Properties, Urban Anthology


Adaptive Reuse & Historic Preservation / Historic Consulting

The Hillman Mechanical and Porter Electric structures were converted from underutilized warehouse structures into mixed-used, fully restored buildings. But, the largely forgotten buildings needed a creative solution. Although the Hillman Mechanical building, the one-story warehouse structure, was a contributing structure to the Minneapolis Warehouse Historic District, the Porter Electric was not. The developer, Paster Properties and Urban Anthology, were concerned about the inability to utilize historic tax credits for both structures. After some investigation and digging through historical archives, AWH found the hook. The Porter Electric, certainly a structure built within the period of significance of the warehouse district, had been overlooked in the original nomination since it had been altered in the 1970s. The solution was to remove the non-contributing work and renominate the building which was accepted by the National Park Service thereby allowing both buildings being able to fully utilize the historic tax credits. Work included wood window restoration, full masonry restoration, and careful interior rehabilitation. The project received both Minneapolis HPC Certificate of Appropriateness and NPS approvals.