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Adaptive Reuse & Historic Preservation

Founded on the principle of reusing what we have, AWH pursues adaptive reuse and historic building rehabilitation as a way to combat unnecessary loss of our collective cultural heritage and embodied energy inherent in existing buildings. Our designers find inspiration from researching the layers of history and program that older buildings embody. We take care to honor the existing story and structure while converting buildings for contemporary uses.

Our process is centralized around understanding the needs of our clients to discern how they inhabit existing spaces. We search for the design solutions that elevate our clients’ expectations and respect the building itself. To form our designs, we interweave the potential of the existing structure, with our clients’ needs and modern sustainable design practices. We understand the issues and how to navigate the often complicated road of entitlements and how to balance conservation with contemporary codes. AWH Architects’ in-house Historic Consulting Services can lead clients through the different resources available from tax credits, grants, and incentives.


Maytag Building

The Maytag Building has a new breath of life. Erected in 1916 by the Maytag Company, in the classical Chicago School style, this Minneapolis warehouse building served as the company’s northwest branch. Until recently the building was underutilized…

Hewing Hotel

Winner of 2017 Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Award for Historic Restoration, Rehabilitation, or Adaptive Reuse Project. AWH was  performed a Value Analysis to review the options for the building including a Condition Assessment, Fit Plans and Historical Review.

Patterson Place

AWH is currently working to renovate and revitalize The Historic Patterson Place to better serve its affordable housing community, restaurant, and retail space. This project synthesizes historic preservation, sustainability measures, and low-income housing into a vibrant space for both residents of Patterson Place and citizens of Bismarck.  

Merchant’s National Bank

The Merchant’s National Bank is being fully restored to its original glory. The building was designed by Architect Edward P. Bassford, and erected in 1892 in the Romanesque style. The project has received both HPC and NPS approvals and is pursuing LEED Platinum Certification.

Printers Exchange

After years of deferred maintenance and under-utilization, the Printers Exchange is posed to become a revived anchor to the Minneapolis Warehouse Historic District. The primary facade facing 4th street is clad in terra-cotta and will be restored to its original glory…

Hillman Mechanical & Porter Electric Warehouse

The Hillman Mechanical and Porter Electric structures were converted from underutilized warehouse structures into mixed used, fully restored buildings. The project received both Minneapolis HPC Certificate of Appropriateness and NPS approvals.

Thorp Building

The Historic Thorp Building is a unique complex of creative industrial spaces, art studios and galleries, businesses, roaming hallways and Northeast Minneapolis artifacts. AWH Architects has been the base building architect for 10 years.