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Solar Projects

AWH is committed to creating sustainable solutions and has specific expertise in solar design. With every project, we assess the best way to integrate onsite energy production, utilize passive solar design, and harmonize the landscape with site and structure. Our approach to architecture starts with gathering an understanding of the existing, both built and natural. With that insight, we form our designs to complement the natural environment and harness the energy that is already coming to the site naturally.

Solar energy is the most abundant and cleanest renewable energy resource.  AWH has been incorporating solar power into our designs since AWH Architects beginning. We have become regional architectural experts, with close connections within the local solar industry. AWH has recently worked with the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board to complete five solar installs for the park system. Going beyond the sustainable benefits of onsite energy production, we aim to incorporate the systems in elegant ways and artfully celebrate the collection of onsite solar energy.


Nokomis Solar Pavilion

Situated between the bath house and the Sandcastle eatery, the Nokomis Solar Pavilion provides an area of respite while also generating energy. The 7kW TenK Solar Array sits atop a custom steel structure and frames the entry onto the beach. Beach goers can enjoy a bit of shade while marveling over the shadow patterns cast by the array.

Tiny Diner

The Tiny Diner, the latest restaurant concept by the famed Minneapolis restaurateur Kim Bartman, sought a different level to the locavores, farm to table, and regionalism wave that is sweeping the restaurant scene—take it off of the grid and grow a majority of the produce on the dense, urban, and used to-be contaminated site…

Edison Green Campus

Edison High School was transformed into a model green campus with state of the art energy efficiency and stormwater systems. A new entry and educational space was created with a massive solar array, storm water collection and treatment, community garden, greenhouse, and concession stand.