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Workplace Design

A well-designed workplace environment is one of the most direct ways a business can invest in their employees’ well-being and productivity. Intentional and inviting work environments can prompt new ideas, create exciting opportunities for collaboration and raise the caliber of professional pride. AWH approaches every new workplace project with an open mind and creates design solutions that embody and reflect the true character of each individual business. One design does not fit all. We look beyond flashy trends and we learn from the people who will be using the space to tailor the environment to best represent the company and their goals.


Bailey Lauerman

AWH created a work environment to enhance and propel Bailey Lauerman into the 21stcentury. The design centers around creating a clear and cohesive environment with a variety of spaces to work. One can stand and work, sit alone, be in a lab with others or sit in an indoor park and soak in the sun.

Bold Orange

AWH designed a flexible and comfortable space that can expand and evolve with the company. Pulling enclosed spaces away from the existing allowed an opportunity to democratize access to daylight and views with a playful approach to the use of daylight, reflections and the existing window patterns.


The openness, transparency, and simplicity central to Mono, a cross-disciplinary branding agency, characterize the design of its space. Our design stepped away from the constraining cubical and envisioned the workplace that as a social place, a home, and a miniature city.